Springfield, MA – Medical Waste Disposal

Springfield, MA – Medical Waste Disposal Sitting on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River near the confluence with the western Westfield River, the eastern Chicopee River and the eastern Mill River, Springfield is one of the largest cities in Massachusetts. Hartford, the capital of Massachusetts is only twenty four miles away and is part...Read Article

The Effects of Biohazard Waste on the Environment

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Biohazardous waste, also known as infectious or biomedical waste, is any waste that contains infectious materials or potentially infectious substances such as blood. Of particular concern are sharps such as scalpel blades, needles, glass pipettes, or any other waste material that may cause an injury during handling.   Biohazardous waste must be handled according to strict federal, state and local regulations. Mishandled biohazard waste poses...Read Article

5 Ways to Make OSHA Training More Effective 

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a strict set of safety and occupational health and safety standards in place to be followed by not only hospitals and large medical complexes, but also smaller medical and dental offices.   If you own your own practice, you most likely understand the importance of following these guidelines, not only for public safety but...Read Article

SBAR Definition, How To, and SBAR PDF

Nurses SBAR practice management
The definition of SBAR comes from its acronym, “Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendations.” It’s the best practice for nurses to communicate info to physicians and other health professionals. In this article, you’ll find an explanation of how and when to use this standardized communication tool. You’ll also find an SBAR PDF form for use in any...Read Article

Protection against Pregnancy and HIV with New Birth Control  

In the global fight to control the spread of HIV and address birth control to help women in countries that are experiencing overpopulation and reduced quality of life for both women and children, there is a new trial involving a vaginal ring that acts as both a contraceptive and releases an anti-HIV drug.   Researchers have...Read Article

10 Do’s and Don’t’s of Proper Sharps Disposal 

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Improperly disposed sharps pose a serious threat not only to healthcare professionals and their patients, but also to medical waste specialists and members of the community. To help you eliminate this threat and ensure the safety of your staff and others, here are 10 Dos and Don’t’s of proper sharps container disposal.   DO: Immediately place used needles and other sharps in their...Read Article

Veterinary Office Medical Waste Information 

Veterinarian medical waste
Veterinarian offices are often a flurry of patients and pet parents in all states of emotional disarray. It is easy for staff to forget about medical waste guidelines when dealing with injuries and treatments. The priority for safety and efficacy must prevail to assure hazardous waste is appropriately dealt with.  Each state, and in many...Read Article

These Diseases Can be Caused by Improperly Disposed-of Medical Waste

Because it contains a high amount of disease-causing organisms, also called pathogens, medical waste poses a risk when handled improperly and released into the environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that improper disposal of medical waste can cause the following diseases:    Parasitic Infections  It’s not surprising that labs who regularly test for parasitic infections would have...Read Article

What Does HIPAA Stand For?

MedPro Disposal provides HIPAA compliance training. As such, we’re always interested in digging into HIPAA and other healthcare regulation to ensure a higher level of understanding. The post below answers the question, “What does HIPAA stand for.” It also delves into other common questions, provides a tight HIPAA summary, and looks at related concerns like...Read Article

The Hefty Costs of Improperly Disposed Medical Waste

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If your practice generates any amount of medical waste, then you’re aware there are definitive rules and regulations as to how said waste is stored, handled, and disposed of. But what you may not know is how much it will cost you should you improperly dispose of your medical waste. Where some practices get confused,...Read Article