Posted on April 22, 2014

“Waste?” See what we did there? Earth Day is almost over but you still have a chance to make a difference and help protect our precious planet.

According to, over one billion people in 192 countries come together on Earth Day to take action to protect the planet.

What can you do? MedPro has a lot of options! From using autoclaves whenever possible to offering e-invoices, MedPro wants to help you go green this Earth Day!

Using Autoclaves Instead of Incineration

Incineration, which is the controlled burning of medical waste, produces harmful pollution which is then released into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, a large portion of potentially infectious medical waste is still incinerated. According to the EPA, at least 20% of all medical waste is plastic. Harmful furans and dioxins are produced when these plastics are burned. Plus, because most waste can be incinerated, waste is not sorted for recycling. This means much more waste is incinerated than probably needs to be. This waste is then brought to a landfill where it still may release harmful emissions.

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An autoclave is a closed chamber that applies pressure, heat and steam to sterilize medical equipment. Autoclaves have been used for nearly a century to sterilize medical instruments for re-use. However, autoclaves destory all microorganisms that may be present which makes it perfect for medical waste. This waste is also compacted by a process such as shredding so it cannot be re-used and it also takes up significantly less space in a landfill.

Online Compliance Portal

There are many benefits of an online compliance portal including ditching all those cumbersome binders and papers in favor of a more eco-friendly and convenient alternative! A truly comprehensive online portal will include everything you need including interactive training, easy-to-navigate tabs, advanced search options and more. Plus, it maintains itself updating regulation information as it happens!

Choosing Auto Pay and E-Invoices

MedPro is thrilled to offer both auto pay and e-invoicing options for our qualifying customers. You can sign up for e-invoices here and getting invoices delivered right to your email inbox.

Controlling In-Office Printing

We have made significant efforts to cut down on our in-office printing including issuing a directive asking employees to not print unnecessary documents. We’ve added green options to our email signitures such as the option to enroll in e-invoicing. We use shared documents instead of printing and distributing them around the office. Our contracts are always sent digitally as well.

Fuel Efficient Hauler Vehicles

We use state-of-the art routing optimization software to make our routes as efficient as possible. MedPro employs a fleet of fuel efficient vehicles that run on clean burning diesel. In some markets we have rolled out sprinter vans that can achieve twice the fuel efficiency of a regular vehicle.

Online Destruction Manifest Portal

The manifest portal allows us to digitally host copies of your manifests for 24/7 access. This cuts down on the financial and environmental cost associated with printing and mailing manifests while still being compliant with all state regulations. To see how this portal works check out our video: here.

What will you do to go green this Earth Day? Share with us in the comments section below!

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