Posted on January 29, 2014

Welcome to the MedPro Disposal blog!

Welcome to our blog! We’re excited to start bringing you posts about proper medical waste disposal, safety compliance, industry trends and news. We hope that our blog will be interesting, educational, helpful and even fun. After all, we love talkin’ trash (see what I did there?) Our goal is to provide you with a place you can come for answers to your questions, insight about current issues, and tips and tricks to make managing your medical waste easy and safe.  


About MedPro Disposal

MedPro Waste Disposal, LLC (MedPro) began operations servicing the Midwest and has quickly grown to where we are now able to provide coverage in 44 of the 50 states by operating in cooperation with over 80 regional affiliate haulers. Between our local waste routes, and our unprecedented network of affiliate haulers, we’ve got you covered. Our main office is located just outside of Chicago, Illinois and we love our hot dogs and deep dish pizza!

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We are focused on right sizing your practice, keeping you compliant, and providing significant savings. With our local vehicle fleet and our network of affiliate haulers, we can make sure your facility is serviced at the frequency that makes the most sense for you. And once you begin working with MedPro, a dedicated customer advocate is always available to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have. 

About Waste Disposal

If you are in the medical field you have probably noticed that the way in which you must handle items such as infectious waste, out-of-date drugs, and sharps or needles has been changing. You are no longer permitted to send any of these types of medical waste out in your regular trash where it will end up putting the health of many people at risk. Modern medical waste disposal is now very strictly regulated by both individual states and federal government organizations. To learn about regulations in your state please visit our designated state pages

About Safety Compliance Training

Simply having access to safety compliance training resources is not enough anymore. It is your responsibility to make sure your team is enrolled, trained, certified and safe. Fortunately, MedPro is here to help you. Not only can we provide you and your staff with complete training, our progam includes resources for Safety Data Sheet management, building safety plans, and more. Our convenient and comprehensive online portal you can access from anywhere. Sure, there are laws and regulations about staying in compliance. More importantly though, is your team’s safety. 

Get to Know Us

MedPro Disposal is fast becoming the premier provider for full service management, removal, transportation and disposal of regulated medical waste. Our commitment to customer service, safety and regulatory compliance leaves our clients protected and confident that their waste is being disposed of in the proper manner. Click here to get to know our team!  

Finally, if you ever have a question you’d like answered or a topic you’d like to see us cover, please let us know! Leave a suggestion in the comments or visit us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn! We’re so excited to start posting blogs and we hope you’re just as excited to read them! 

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